Why Choose Smart Logistics



Success of any operation or business on a sustainable basis depends on the commitment and dedication of the top management. Smart Logistics leadership team understands that reliability, flexibility and transparency go a long way in building strong relationships. These values are permeated down to the last level to ensure that our promise to deliver your goods in the right quality, time, place and quantity is met. Always, as an organization we ensure compliance, measure performance via clearly defined metrics and have a sound work culture where employees are happy to serve.



Smart Logistics has a formal quality policy and believes in social accountability. We believe that ownership, accountability and self-regulation are greater virtues than working within a constricting set of rules. We respect the law of the land and our endeavor is to set benchmarks in quality and compliance.



Our national presence benefits our clients in numerous ways. Piece-meal solutions are unable to provide efficiency, cost effectiveness and flexibility to customers. In perishables business, such as food and beverages, the chain needs to be robust, ensuring trace-ability. Multiple handling scenarios can be detrimental to the quality of the product. Smart Logistics offers a one-stop solution window to all your supply chain needs.



Smart Logistics believes in ownership of assets and innovation. We have invested in technology and R&D apart from core assets like trucks and warehouses. We believe that to achieve high service standards, control over physical assets is a must. We would continue to invest as we expand and ensure that trust and confidence are the strong foundations of the state-of-art infrastructure we create. Our first modern and world class DC at Kundli is already operational and we have spaces at Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. We have a fleet of fully owned 850+ reefer trucks that operate out of 55 branches, 05 DC’s backed by 1500 energetic people raring to go out and deliver the best. With such strong network, your products will seamlessly move from manufacturing location to consumption point, should you choose us as your trusted partner.